About Us

Mr. Amit Sureshbhai Doshi started working in the company Parin Furniture Pvt.Ltd at the post of Marketing Manager.
He left his job on 21st September with a dream in his eyes to start his own business with self funds.
In November, after managing funds and joining manufacturers he started his small business from his home in Rajkot(Gujarat) city with just two working person including himself.
In September he took a small 1000sq.ft. Place where he built his warehouse for stock.
For 14 months he did marketing & trading on behalf of another manufacturing company.
After completing the a journey of 14 months of trading business, in January he started his own firm named PARTH FURNITURE AND INTERIOR.
In the starting of September, company shifted to a 3000sq.ft. warehouse with office and with a good team of 6 people in the company.
After getting good response in office furniture, company started trading in other types of furniture like home furniture, hotel furniture, garden furniture, kitchen furniture & commercial projects.
On 24th of January which was a Sunday Mr. Amit Sureshbhai Doshi thinks of a business plan to develop his own company’s E-commerce web-site.
On 16th of February he finally took up the work for his online E-commerce website which is named www.pfiindia.com.
During the online site was in progress in between February-March, the team became stronger with 10 persons.
Government Established Demonetization Of 500Rs. and 1,000 Rs. Note on 9th November 2016 Midnight 12am.
We changed Our Warehouse Place from 3000Sqft to 1000Sqft on 5th January 2017 Due to Demonetization Of 500Rs. and 1,000 Rs. Note.
our Team members Started Leaving Our Company Due to Demonetization, 2017 was Big change for Company, Employees and Also Owner of The Company,
Again Market changed with government’s big Decision, Established GST (Goods and Service Tax) on 1st July 2017 with 28% On All Furniture Products.
But we didn’t lose the Hope.

We came to the market with Full Flesh with Our own Established Showroom of 1000Sqft. With office 1st June 2018 With 3 Persons Team. And started Trading Again and Contained the Situation.
We also started our Retail Outlet, and also Implemented Big Scale projects and recovered Our Loss and then Government also decided to Re construct GST From 28% to 18%.
Thanks to our Suppliers and Buyers For Supporting Us In this Time Period.

We were Doing All Well in online Market, Offline Market, Project works, and Also Retail Outlet.
Then we decided to Arrange Local Retail Camping on 17th March 2019 and Received Good Response from local Customers Also.
We didn’t know that Again a Big Change Is Waiting for Us and All World.

A pandemic Named CORONA Virus Attacked Whole World And Effected thousands of People and Many Died and Also Effected to our Business And holds a Small Break To our Company
We Planned to Re Constructed Our Website with Bulk Selling Named PFI Bulk Buyer and Seller, we Gathered All vendors small.
And planning 10,000 Middle class Sellers at no cost with train them to Support them through our Website for global World Trading.
We started online business again with full Flesh and didn’t going to stop Till we Reached to Our Goal.
As Company Owner Grown With the time hoping all sellers to Grow Along with US.

Our Team member We believe in unity and team work - Parth Furniture and Interior

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