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  • The Bedroom set is based on 100% PLYWOOD.


  • Thickness of Head side of the bed is 15mm+.
  • Outer side of the bed is 15mm+ thickness with matt finishing laminate.
  • 0.8 size Laminate is used on both inner and outer side.
  • Inner side laminate is off-white color with 0.8 thickness.
  • Outer side is laminate with 0.8 thickness.
  • The bottom side of bed is 12mm+ thickness with laminate.
  • Hydraulic in the bed is made with high quality spring.


  • The doors are of 19mm+ thickness and pure Pine(wooden) material.
  • Inner side of wardrobe is 15mm+ thickness with 0.8 off-white laminate.
  • Outer side of wardrobe is 15mm+ thickness with 0.8 matt finishing laminate.
  • The backside of wardrobe will be 9mm thickness with 0.8 off-white laminate
  • Hinges used in wardrobe is of standard fox metal company.
  • The lock system of wardrobe is computerized key.
  • The other keys inside wardrobe is regular key.
  • Handles used in the wardrobe will be standard quality.
  • The hanger pipe inside wardrobe is made of s.s material.
  • All the other small parts used in the set is of standard quality material.

Dressing Table & Side Table->

  • Thickness of dressing table is 15mm+ with laminate.
  • Back side if of 8mm+ with 0.8 off-white
  • The mirror is of good quality.
  • The side table is of 15mm+ thickness with 0.8 laminate.
  • Back side of side table is 8mm+ with 0.8 off-white laminate.


  • Adhesive used in the product is Fevicol SWR D3+.
  • The laminates are matt finishing.
  • The laminate is fixed by fevicol and then pressed by machine on the Plywood sheet.
  • The wardrobe, side table and dressing table are fixed furniture.
  • The bed will be in knock down condition.

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